Inter Milan’s Mauro Icardi has taken steps to try and resolve the on-going feud between himself and the team’s supporters.

The captain has been involved in a number of angry exchanges with the club’s infamous ‘Curva Nord’ ultra-fans since his autobiography Sempre Avanti was published. In the book Icardi openly criticises the fans’ behaviour.

His relationship with the fan group turned bad after he claimed that they had stolen a shirt he gave to a young fan and he also criticised the abuse that they direct at him and his teammates.

However, Icardi has now tried to clarify his comments in an apologetic post on Instagram. In the post he says that he is “surprised and disappointed” as he simply reported how “thanks to post-game adrenaline and the bad moment the team had experienced, I lost my head. I simply wanted to explain the atmosphere of the moment. So much so that in the book I used exaggerated phrases.”

The post goes on with Icardi saying that he admitted in the book he said he used threatening words towards the fans and he acknowledges that that was the wrong thing to do. He says that he is “sorry for the fuss that’s been created. I simply recounted the incident according to my memories. I didn’t want to offend or disrespect anyone.”

However, many believe that his relationship with the Curva Nord is now beyond repair and that the statement will have little impact. An illicit banner aimed at the striker was unfurled before the team’s clash with Cagliari and he was then subject to further abuse when he missed a penalty in the 2-1 defeat.

Furthermore, it seems that the confrontation will result in Icardi being stripped of the captain’s armband.