Tottenham has successfully ratcheted up the pressure on Leicester City with a 4 – 0 triumph over Stoke City at the weekend and while the team are in with a real chance of stealing this year’s title, it is their long term prospects that should have fans excited.

While Leicester City is having a remarkable season no one really believes that they will repeat it next year. However, with second placed Tottenham there is a growing feeling that the situation will only get better.

Recently Jamie Carragher, the retired Liverpool defender, said that the more he watches Spurs the more he believes that they are going to be real title contenders in the years to come.
One of the main reasons for this is the age of the team. While seven of Leicester’s favourite starting players this season have already turned 29, at Tottenham that is the age of the oldest players, the goalkeeper and captain Hugo Lloris. Age has obvious benefits like speed and dynamism, but there is more to Tottenham’s success than the team’s age.

It is arguable that Spurs are the best coached team of the season and they have been playing extremely exciting football as a result. The team are the top goal scorers in the league with 64 goals and they have created more chances, 449, than any other side. Furthermore, they have also conceded the fewest goals having let in just 25.

Better still for Spurs fans the team looks to be improving all the time, of the last 14 goals scored in Spurs games 13 have been by the team.

While the team is sure to be focused on their remaining few games of the season and doing their upmost to steal the title, they can also enjoy themselves knowing that next season has the potential to be just as successful.