More changes may be on the way in the world of tennis with new ‘Hawk-Eye Live’ technology set to replace all the line judges at the Next Gen ATP Finals taking place in Milan next month.

The tournament that takes place at the end of the season features the eight best male players of the year up to the age of 21. The tournament will be trialling the electronic line-calling system and the only match official on court will be the chair umpire.

The technology will be used on all the court lines throughout every match and will trigger an automated ‘out’ call when the ball is outside the boundaries. Thanks to the technology, there will be no need to for the review system currently used.

Many have described the introduction of the technology as a “landmark” moment for tennis and say that it offers a taste of what the future may hold if it is successfully trialled in Milan.

The ATP’s executive vice-president of rules and competition, Gayle David Bradshaw, said that it may be a “landmark moment for officiating in our sport.” He went on to say that the athletes work extremely hard and as a result “deserve the very best and most accurate officiating we can offer”.

He said that the technology has now evolved to a level where they feel comfortable testing the new system in a real tournament environment.

Bradshaw said that the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan is the perfect place to test the technology and they look forward “to monitoring the results and assessing the merits of this new system.”

The world No 4 Alexander Zverev has already secured a place at the tournament, and both Denis Shapovalov and Andrey Rublev look set to qualify.