Rafael Nadal has said that he hopes his knee will have recovered enough for the ATP Finals as concern about his injury continues to grow.

Nadal pulled out of the Paris Masters before the quarter-finals last week after he suffered from problems with his knee during his third-round win over Pablo Cuevas. He is due to start his ATP Finals challenge on Monday against Belgium’s David Goffin.

He has been undergoing extensive treatment back home in Majorca and has started training in London in the hopes of avoiding a recurrence of the injury on Monday.

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In an interview with Sky Sports Nadal said, “Hopefully the knee is good. I’ve done everything I’ve needed to do in order to get ready for London. Now it’s the moment to wait and practice at the O2 over the next couple of days. Let’s see if I am able to be 100 per cent to compete. If nothing happens, then I will play.”

He said that he has been having treatment that he expects to have worked and that he should be ready to play in London.

He added, “I know I’m confident because I’m having a great season with one event to go. I am here to try my best.”

Nadal could potentially play five matches in under a week and he insists that if he wasn’t fit then he would not have flown to London. He acknowledged that all the matches will be difficult so stressed it was important that he was fully fit from the start.

There is a chance that he will once again face Roger Federer in the final and Nadal said that his dream is not to play Federer, but rather to end the season having won the tournament for the first time in his career.