Boris Becker has said that the last six months coaching Novak Djokovic were challenging and said that the player should have been practising more.

Becker and Djokovic parted ways this week after three years together during which Djokovic won numerous trophies and six Grand Slam titles.

Speaking about the split to Sky News Becker said that they had a lot of success over the three years despite a couple of losses that he “would like to erase”.

Things started going wrong for Djokovic during Wimbledon where he exited in the third round, then lost in the first round of the Rio Olympics before losing in the final of the US Open. This allowed Murray to overcome an 8,000 point ranking lead and take the No 1 spot.

Becker said that the decision to split was mutual and said that the last six months were challenging as their “hands were tied a little bit because we couldn’t do the work we wanted to do. He didn’t spend as much time on the practice court in the last six months as he should have and he knows that.”

According to Becker, Djokovic has been struggling to balance the demands of his personal and professional lives. While Becker said that as far as he knows Djokovic has a happy personal life Becker said that Djokovic doesn’t like putting his wife and child in the back seat for too long which of course means that the tennis becomes slightly neglected.

Nonetheless, Becker believes that Djokovic is the most talented player in the game and has backed him to prove that next year and reclaim the top ranking spot. However, he said that first Djokovic will have to refocus on what made him strong in the first place.