Andy Murray is considering undergoing surgery to try to solve the hip problem that has forced him to postpone his start to the 2018 season.

Murray has not appeared in a competitive match since he was knocked out of Wimbledon last June and earlier this week he was forced to withdraw from the Brisbane International.

He announced the withdrawal in an Instagram post where he said, “I’ve been going through a really difficult period with my hip and have sought council [sic] from a number of hip specialists.

Having been recommended to treat my hip conservatively since the US Open, I have done everything asked of me from a rehab perspective and worked extremely hard to try and get back on the court competing.”

Bumped into the GOAT of golf today… 🎾⛳️🎾⛳️ #thebear

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The post went on to explain that Murray has been playing practice sets in Brisbane with some top players and that it is apparent that he is not yet at a level where he is able to compete.

He then explained that he has the choice now between further rehabilitation and giving his hip more time to recover or undergoing surgery. However, apparently the chances of a successful outcome to the surgery are not as high as Murray would have hoped.

Murray said that it is “something I may have to consider but let’s hope not.”

The player has confirmed that he will remain in Australia while he decides whether to compete in the Australian Open, the first grand slam of the year that starts on January 15th.

He also used the post to reiterate his love for the game and how much he wants to be back on court, “Every time I wake up from sleeping or napping I hope that it’s better and it’s quite demoralising when you get on the court and it’s not at the level you need it to be to compete at this level.”