Darnell McIntosh, the Huddersfield Giants academy star, has signed a new three-year contract extension with the team.

The 19 year old is in his first year of full time training with the team but he is yet to make his Super League debut. Nonetheless, Head Coach Rick Stone has insisted that McIntosh has what it takes to become a top line player.

Speaking recently Stone said that McIntosh has “impressed” him and said that the player “has made some sacrifices to be here in the first place and has fully bought into my beliefs on the work ethic and professionalism on and off the field I want to see in the group.”

Stone went on to say that in Rugby League nothing comes easily but people get what they deserve and that McIntosh “fully deserves” the security of a contract extension which will give him the time to see if he can become a fully-fledged regular Super League player.

According to Stone McIntosh must now work hard on the field and in the gym, he said that he already has a “good frame to build some size onto and some natural speed and footwork too which is vital in an outside back these days.”

Stone is now expecting to see McIntosh in the pre-season games “having a run out with the top line senior team” and he is looking forward to seeing how he adapts to it.

McIntosh said that he is “delighted” to have signed the extension and said that he hopes that this year he can have a chance in the pre-season fixtures and make his Super League debut in 2017.
He said that he feels he has been developing as a play and that he knows if he continues to work hard he will be ready for when his opportunity comes.