Despite Hull KR’s relegation from the Super League the club’s chairman has insisted that they will remain a full time team.

The team’s central funding is likely to be reduced by 50% due to the relegation but Neil Hudgell, the chairman, has said that players will continue to train on a full time basis.

Speaking this week he said that the club needs to make savings but he thinks that can be done. However, he said that it will depend to some extent “on how well we are supported commercially and on pass sales.”

He said that over the coming weeks there will be some rationalisation but he stressed that the idea is to “keep the core of the club intact so that we can benefit and be stronger for the experience of being in Super League and hopefully bounce straight back.”

He also said that whatever happens there will definitely be a full time squad.

After last weekend’s 18 – 19 defeat to Salford the head of rugby Jamie Peacock offered to resign but Hudgell quickly rejected his resignation and he will now lead a recruitment review as part of a major overhaul.

Hudgell said that they have already begun the process and said that while they can’t yet make any firm commitments the initial indications suggest that they will be able to keep the core of the team in place and still make some additions and bring more young players through.

He said that they have identified some players that they are interested in but said that the difficultly was that until last weekend they didn’t know which division they would be playing in. He also said that while they are “under no illusions that it will be a breeze in the park” playing in the Championship they will still set a goal of finishing first.