After winning his fourth title, Lewis Hamilton has said that there is more to come from his career than just seeking to become the sport’s all-time most decorated driver.

This year Hamilton set a new world record for most F1 pole positions and his fourth title at the age of 32 has led to speculation about him breaking Michael Schumacher’s record of seven world championships and 91 race wins.

However, Hamilton is insisting that statistics and records won’t define him. “I’m different,” said Hamilton. “People talk about Michael’s single-mindedness about his job but to stand out in the world today is a lot harder because it’s all been done before. So doing something different that helps you stand out, that really highlights your individuality, is really important and that’s really something I’m working on.”

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When he isn’t on the track Hamilton spends a great deal of time travelling and he regular makes appearances at celebrity parties and fashion shows. Perhaps most worryingly for his rivals, this season Hamilton has managed to enjoy his life away from the racing track and at the same time produce his best ever form when driving.

“I’ll continue to race while I love it,” he added. “I’ve enjoyed it this year more than ever.”

Furthermore, he has insisted that there is no chance of him retiring yet as his teammate did last year, “I could do the easy thing like obviously Nico [Rosberg] did which is just stop and retreat with these four titles, but I think there’s more in me, I think there’s more to come, more of a challenge, as there are harder times ahead. I like that, I love that, that’s challenging.”

Hamilton has said that he thinks his improved form is down to the emergence of Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel as genuine threats to Mercedes after three seasons in which they dominated.