With the F1 season set to resume in Spa this weekend, Fernando Alonso looks close to announcing a decision regarding his future and his plans for next year.

There has been speculation over whether he would stay with McLaren or join another team. However, Alonso has said that he may look outside of F1 if he cannot compete for race wins and championships.

Talking to CNN’s The Circuit Alonso said that F1 is still his priority and that he is hoping to win the world championship. However, he said that if he doesn’t see a possibility of winning then he will look elsewhere. He said that he will make a decision towards the end of the year and will “try all the possibilities before that”.

In the same interview Alonso said that he hopes to return to Indianapolis again and try to win the Indianapolis 500. Prior to this year’s race he had no experience on oval tracks but was still determined to win.

“When I jump in the car, I put my legs inside the cockpit, the mechanics put the belts on, (and I’m thinking) when I take the belts off and I pull myself out of the car maybe I am the winner of this race — I was thinking that in this moment. That feeling was magic.”

Unfortunately for Alonso his engine failed with just 21 laps to go and ruined what was otherwise an extremely impressive IndyCar debut.

Despite repeating that he enjoyed the experience and said that one day he will try to win the race again, he insisted that it isn’t something he wants to do in the immediate future. For now, he wants to focus on F1 and then try for the triple crown, the Monaco Grand Prix (which he has twice won), the Indy 500 and the Le Mans 24-hour race.