Aston Martin have confirmed that they are interested in becoming an F1 engine supplier if the new regulations from 2021 are attractive.

The sportscar manufacturer already has a relationship with Red Bull and there are reports that they could become the team’s title sponsor in 2018. The team’s cars have carried the Aston Martin logo since 2016.

There have also been reports that Aston Martin could power Red Bull in the future but Andy Palmer said that they would only become an independent engine supplier if the cost of power unites decreases with the new regulations.

Speaking to Sky F1 Palmer said, “I’m negotiating what we look like in the sport for next year but it’s somewhat predicated on what the 2021 engine regulations look like. If we can get more theatre back into the sport, and if we can reduce the cost of the engine, then Aston might be interested in producing an independent engine. And with that independent engine, with that destination in mind, it would make sense for us to increase our participation, even as soon as next year.”

Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey has been working with Aston Martin to develop their Valkyrie hypercar. Cosworth makes the car’s engine and they have also been monitoring F1’s regulations.

Aston Martin have not been a competitor in F1 since 1960 but with it unclear who will power Red Bull from 2019 a return would make sense. At present the team use Tag-Heuer-badged Renault engines but the French manufacturer has said that they will not be supplying the engine from the end of next season.

If Aston Martin don’t become a supplier than Honda are the most likely candidate but they currently offer the least competitive power unit.