Lewis Hamilton said that he exceeded his own expectations last weekend when he just missed a podium finish in the Brazilian GP.

Hamilton crashed out in qualifying, spinning into the barriers and consigned himself to starting at the back of the field.

However, the next day with a number of new engine parts and gearbox he cut through the field, briefly led the race and finished within one second of third place.

After the race he said that he was expecting to finish fifth or sixth.

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Speaking this week he said, “Many years ago [2009] I came from the back and came up and I was thinking that might be a chance of that. But then it’s a one stop, very, very difficult to make the tyres last that length. They were staying plus seven, my stop was lap 37, so when I was at lap 30 I was like there is no way I’m going to make it. But I was there or thereabouts.”

He said that he thinks he managed the tyres well despite the fact that he was leaning on them a lot and said that overall it was “the best we could have done and actually more than I hoped for.”

While has already secured this year’s title, Hamilton said that the qualifying mistake felt just as bad as it did when he made mistakes at the start of his karting career over two decades ago.

“It doesn’t get any easier to handle those experiences. But it created an opportunity to shine and hopefully that’s what I did and continue to show I’ve got that fight in me and that drive and the skill to manoeuvre my car.”

He said that he also enjoyed the chance to use the full power of his car engine without worrying about it causing problems later in the season.