Red Bull have said that they are too far behind Mercedes and Ferrari to give any serious thought to contending for the world championships. After the first few rounds of the new season, the team are already 81 points behind Ferrari and 89 points behind Mercedes.

Christian Horner, the team boss, said, “We are not thinking about championships now, we are a significant distance behind. We are more focused on learning and taking the maximum out of each grand prix.”

The team will be feeling disappointed after they began the year with predictions that they would prosper amid F1’s change in rules. Instead, they have fallen even further behind Mercedes and have watched Ferrari emerge as a serious contender.

Horner believes that “The bottom line is that Ferrari and Mercedes did a better job in interpreting the rules than we did, and then you are in a position where you are playing catch-up.”
While they were vastly improved in qualifying this weekend Daniel Ricciardo could not manage better than third while Max Verstappen failed to finish after producing what he said was his best qualifying display of the year.

The car has been improved upon but Red Bull are customers of Renault and are unable to control exactly what happens. There are rumours the team believes that their Renault engines are still a long way behind those of Mercedes and Ferrari, who build there own. Furthermore, Renault’s upgrades have been delayed and it is not known when the next will take place.

“Obviously for us, the sooner the better,” said Horner. “It seems that Renault has chosen a path that is showing true potential but I think they’ve got some complications in terms of being able to extract the power unit’s full potential. Hopefully they’ll be able to release that sooner rather than later.”