Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, has insisted that Lewis Hamilton performs best when he is under pressure and he is fully expecting the title race to go down to the wire.

The last two races have seen Hamilton’s title hopes close to destroyed after an engine failure in Malaysia and a third place finish in Japan allowed his teammate Nico Rosberg to move 33 points in front.

But Wolff was quick to remind people how many changes of momentum there have been this season and claimed that Hamilton has already shown that he can recover when under immense pressure.

Speaking after Sunday’s race Wolff said, “Lewis is going to regroup, he’s very strong. He needs the enemy, sometimes more than one, that’s just how he functions. He’s at his best when he’s under pressure, when he has a target. I have no doubt that this is going to be an intense fight until the end.”

Hamilton is likely to be thinking about his previous comebacks this season. Rosberg had a 43 point advantage after the Russian and Spanish grands prix before Hamilton won six of the next seven races to take the title lead.

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However, even if Hamilton won all four remaining races this season it still may not be enough for him to win. Realistically he needs Rosberg to encounter mechanical problems at least once. While it may not be safe to assume that Mercedes won’t have any more mechanical problems, if they don’t then in all likelihood Rosberg will win this year’s title.

Hamilton will now be focusing on the upcoming race in Austin. There is a ten day gap between the two races which, based upon his performances in the past, is more than enough time for him to find the mentality needed to come out fighting.