It seems that the Mercedes team has a problem with their drivers. In the last five races Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have crashed into each other twice and three times in the last 36. Furthermore, their cars made contact on the first corners in Australia and Canada this season.

The pair were told off and warned they may be dropped at the end of last year when the atmosphere was particularly rough. After they took each other out in Spain two months ago they were put in the last chance saloon but it doesn’t appear to be making much difference.

Their latest crash was described by Toto Wolff as “brainless” and the Mercedes boss has now said that the team may have to implement team orders between the two of them.

Team orders are virtually the last thing that can be tried but they are very rarely used. Wolff said that one option is to freeze the order at a certain stage of the race but admits that this will ruin the racing between the two. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the drivers would follow the orders.

As Damon Hill said, it is unlikely that Mercedes could stop Hamilton “racing at the British GP even if they took his car away”.

However, it is also unlikely that the team will impose orders. The team is already over 100 points clear in the Constructors’ Championship and it is highly likely that a Mercedes driver will win the drivers’ title as well.

On the other hand, it is this knowledge that one of them is likely to win that is causing the intense competition between the two drivers. That’s why both of them refused to yield in the final lap in Spielberg.

One thing is for sure, it is making for an extremely exciting season.