Sergio Marchionne, the Ferrari chief, has said that the team needs results now despite admitting that there are some problems with the car, the SF16-H.

At the beginning of the season the team was tipped to challenge Mercedes but so far they have failed to win any of the races and are 81 points behind their rivals in the Constructors’ Championship.


However, Marchionne still believes that his team can win the title despite the concerns over reliability and a strange lack of pace, particularly in qualifying, which has seen them struggle to end Mercedes’ dominance.

Speaking recently Marchionne said that Mercedes secret is the stability of the car. Speaking about Ferrari’s SF16-H he said that “Although the design looked great, once it took to the track there were some results that didn’t match up to our expectations.”

He went on to say that the team are trying to move past the disappointing results in order to understand what they can do in order to improve performance while describing the car as “difficult”.

Marchionne said that the team is bringing in experienced people from outside to help and said that they just signed Jock Clear. He explained that they are hoping to round out the team and said that some patience is required as “results don’t happen overnight”.

However, he conceded that while they expected results in 2017 they are in fact “needed now”.

The team hasn’t won a constructors’ title since 2008 leading some to say that Ferrari is working with methods from the past. Marchionne denied this saying that the “current structure is dated and don’t reflect the people we currently have. We have a great company that produces results. We can and must improve.”