Jerome Boateng has said that he intends to remain at Bayern Munich next season amid reports that he wants assurances about his future with the club.

Boateng has had an injury-ridden season and started in just 10 games. Furthermore, the arrival of Niklas Sule from Hoffenheim led to reports that Boateng was unhappy with his standing at the club.

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However, when asked if he will play for Bayern next season he said, “I don’t have anything else planned. There’s only a few clubs in the world with the appeal and tradition of Bayern Munich.”

Furthermore, he denied that his dissatisfaction was anything to do with the arrival of Sule, “I didn’t play much so it’s normal that I’m not entirely happy. Now I’ve just picked up this unfortunate injury against Freiburg. I’ll use the off-season to be fit to begin preparations for the new season.”

In the same interview Boateng was asked about his most difficult opponents and he spoke about Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Eden Hazard Neymar and Karim Benzema. He described Messi as “unstoppable” without help and said that while he used to be able to deal with Ronaldo “athletically” he struggled in the in the recent Champions League quarterfinal.

“He’s changed his game recently, dribbling less and concentrating on going for goal more,” he said. “That’s more difficult to defend against as Ronaldo has unbelievable timing and likes to shoot first time.”

He also said that he expects RB Leipzig to be a challenge next season as “something fantastic is taking shape” there. However, he thinks they may struggle to cope with Champions League football because of their “intense and exhausting” style of play.

“Other teams have gotten used to their style of play. We’ll have to wait and see if they can manage playing three times a week.”