While there is a lot of speculation around David de Gea’s future, there are questions arising over his true desire to join Real Madrid.

The Spain international is now considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world despite a slightly difficult start to life in England and there are a growing number of reports that Real Madrid are set to revive interest in him this summer.

However, there are doubts that Manchester United would want to sell there No 1, especially as he has become such an asset to the club. Furthermore, De Gea hasn’t said that he wants to move to the Spanish league.

He currently plays for one of the world’s biggest clubs and were he to move to Real Madrid he would most likely be making less money and be under much more pressure. While there have been reports in the Spanish press that De Geo has said that he wants to leave and even that he has requested a move, it seems that these are fabricated and he is content at United.

Jose Mourinho, the Manchester United boss, insists that De Geo has not been distracted by the talk of a move to Real Madrid and his impressive recent form would appear to back that up. However, he has been alternating between De Gea and his back up goalkeeper Sergio Romero in recent weeks.

Many were surprised to see that De Gea had been left out of squads. There is speculation that he may soon find himself in a ‘no-choice’ situation that will leave Real Madrid having to pay vast sums of money to United in order to secure his services. As a result, it may be that he has to move back to his home country whether he likes it or not.