Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has said that the pressure this season has been “intense” but that he is trying to make the right decisions.

The team face a tough battle to finish in the top four of the Premier League and can’t afford to lose a single match. Throughout the season Wenger’s position has been under scrutiny and a number of fans have been calling for him to stepdown.

Wenger hasn’t yet said what his plans are but he has said that it was a tough season, “The pressure has been very intense. Pressure comes from the team not delivering results I expected, then it’s the pressure from the environment, and most of the times in our careers the two combine together and make it very intense.”

He said that it is his job to analyse the situation and try to make the right decisions in order to “rebuild the confidence, energy and dynamic.” However, he said that it can be “very difficult”.

Recent days have seen a slight reduction in the pressure on Wenger after the team defeated Manchester City in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. For the match he opted to play with three at the back as the team were “leaking too many goals”.

“We lost conceded three at Liverpool, at West Brom and Crystal Palace. You cannot be Arsenal and concede three goals everywhere. That is basically the main reason for doing that, not the opponent.”

He said that he was proud of the FA Cup win as it was a “difficult achievement” and the team came with the “desire, hunger and energy level you want in these kinds of games.”

Tomorrow Arsenal face Tottenham Hotspur in what is sure to be a tough clash at White Hart Lane.