Sergio Ramos, the Real Madrid captain, has insisted that the team will keep battling for the title despite their disappointing defeat to Barcelona last weekend.

The team are now 14 points behind the league leaders and Ramos has admitted that it is unlikely they will retain their title. However, he pointed out that it wasn’t impossible and that the team can still be proud of having won five trophies this calendar year.

“Our history and our badge oblige us to fight until the end,” Ramos said. “It has become difficult, we must be realistic, but while a possibility remains we will keep fighting, that is our DNA.”

He said that they need to use the Clasico defeat to “to reflect, to try and keep improving” and added, “this defeat does not tarnish our 2017, which has been a historic year.”

He also refused to criticise coach Zinedine Zidane’s decision to start Mateo Kovacic in midfield instead of Iscor or the Croatian’s mistake which led to the game’s opening goal.

Ramos’ teammate, Raphael Varane, gave his thoughts on the match to BeIN Sports saying, “When we were playing well, we didn’t score. They did. That was the difference. The first half was very good, but the start of the second half was awful as we dropped off physically. With the red card things got even more difficult. It is always annoying to lose, and even more with this result. We must improve.”

There was also some controversy after the game with claims that Isco had refused a request from Zidane to warm up during the second half. Isco sent out a Tweet saying that he knew Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio would be the team’s final two substitutes, “Stop throwing s—, my two teammates were already coming on… I didn’t know you could make 4 changes now.”