Earlier this week Eugenio Corini resigned as Palermo’s coach after he guided the Sicilian club to just one win in seven matches. His resignation came just two days after Palermo were beaten 1 – 0 at home by Inter Milan.

Speaking after his decision Corini said, “This is a decision that I’ve taken with integrity and lucidness, which makes me feel great pain, but which seems the fairest and most logical option right now. I’ve had the chance to tell you many times what I think of this club, this place and these fans. I reiterate the affection and esteem that is still there and always will be, regardless.”

Corini was hired last November and was the team’s third coach of the season. Davide Ballardini coached the club for the first two matches of the season and he was then replaced by Roberto De Zerbi who was fired in order to make room for Corini. It has been reported that the director of sport Nicola Salerno met with Corini to try and persuade him to change his mind.

The team has won just two matches out of twenty-one and they are just one point above last-placed Pescara in Serie A.

Maurizio Zamparin, the president and owner of the club, has made about 60 coaching changes in 30 years. Last season he changed the coach an astonishing eight times.

So far there has been no word on a replacement except rumours that Zamparini is considering rehiring Ballardini but at present they are unsubstantiated. If this was to happen it would be Ballardini’s fourth spell in charge of the club. He was appointed, sacked and re-hired last season after an initial tenure from 2008 to 2009.

This weekend the team travel to third-placed Napoli for their next Serie A match.