Vincenzo Montella, the AC Milan coach, has said that the speculation about his future has reached the point where he is no longer listening to what people have to say.

His future came up for discussion once again when the team lost to Napoli last weekend. The result means that AC Milan are now 16 points off the top and 11 points behind fourth-placed Roma.

The team have lost six out of thirteen Serie A game after the club spent more than €200 million on new players over the summer. There have also been questions about the club’s finances.

However, Montella, said, “We are under fire, but we need to focus on what is happening on the field. It’s got to the point where I’m no longer even paying any attention because too much is being said.”

He went on to say that the same principle applies to his own job but, “I can see positive signs every day and I can see a lot of calm, which is precisely what we need to reach our goals. There’s a lot of pressure, also for the young players who have arrived, and obviously I’d take an ugly performance with three points, but I think we’re coming along well.”

He was speaking ahead of last night’s Europa League clash with Austria Vienna and he said that the team have “high hopes in Europe”.

He added, “We’ve given our best in all the competitions we’ve played in so far, but certainly we’ve got to secure our passage now so that we can focus more on the league. Winning helps you win. We’ve still got to improve mentally, but this is going to be a test for us to understand our true level.”