James Milner has said that Champions League football is just a single step in Liverpool’s goal to bring trophies back to the club.

Thanks to their fourth spot finish in the Premier League they have reached August’s play-offs to take part in the tournament next year for only the second time in eight season.

During Jurgen Klopp’s first year in charge the team reached the EFL Cup and Europa League finals but failed to win either trophy. However, vice-captain Milner thinks that Champions League qualification could be a springboard towards trophies.

Speaking earlier in the week Milner said, “It is not easy to be in the Champions League – think of the teams who are not in it now. It’s alright saying you should be in it, get in the top four, but there are a lot of quality teams fighting for it and in and around it and we have managed to achieve that. Personally the biggest thing for us at City was winning the FA Cup: getting that first trophy under our belt, winning something, giving you that belief.”

He went on to say that winning the Champions League with Manchester City was an important step along the way and that taking part in such big games is important for the club and “Hopefully now we can stick a few trophies in the cabinet. That is the next step.”

Milner believes that Liverpool has already proved that they are able to compete against “big teams” in the Champions League and he thinks that taking part will help the team become more consistent next season.

“Obviously the bigger the games you play and the bigger the competitions the more we are going to improve as a team. It’s about putting yourselves in those situations.”