Luciano Spalletti, the Roma coach, has said that his future with the club will depend on what happens with Francesco Totti over the summer.

Totti, 40, signed a one-year contract extension last summer and Spalletti has said that he will leave the club in protest if the captain is not offered another year.

Speaking at a news conference this week after Roma defeated Torino Spalletti said, “Don’t ask me about how well my team is doing, ask me about Totti. It is only right that his contract is renewed. Totti doesn’t have a contract with this club, he has a pact of love with this city, and this is something that has to continue.”

He went on to say that if Totti isn’t given the chance to stay for another season then he will leave, even if he wins the Treble.

Spalletti’s remarks came after a week which saw the club’s attempt to build a new stadium on the outskirts of Rome almost certainly scuppered. Restrictions on the building in the Tor di Valle area have been reported as the city council argues about Roma’s revised plans.

However, Mauro Baldissoni, the general manager, has said that the project is moving on, “We never wanted to comment on what has been said in recent months about the stadium because we have been doing our talking with the institutions in the relevant places.”

However, he said that the club’s silence has prompted a lot of “ridiculous” comments from a number of people, even those that haven’t read the proposals.

He insisted that the project to build a new stadium is still making progress and pointed out that the club has already invested €60 million in it.