Unai Emery, the Paris Saint-Germain coach, has acknowledged that there is growing tension between Neymar and Edinson Cavani after their 2-0 win over Lyon over the weekend.

PSG has won all six of its opening games and is three points clear at the top of the table. However, Neymar and Cavani had an argument over a free kick and a penalty during the second half of the weekend’s game and Dani Alves also become involved in the arguments.

After the match Emery said that the tension between the two could become an issue if they can’t agree with each other.

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In his post-match interview he said, “I have told them to sort it out between themselves. I think that they are capable of doing that and that they will both be our kickers. If they cannot reach an agreement, I will decide for them. I do not want this to become a problem for us.”

Alves hid the ball from Cavani and gave it to Neymar before the free kick. However, he has insisted that he was planning to take the free-kick himself and said that the most important thing is that the club wins rather than individual statistics.

Following the game, midfielder Adrien Rabiot said that there were no issues in the dressing room after the match, “There were not any problems … Edinson scored a goal and Neymar wanted to score too, so that happens. They are football players, they want to score and that can happen but they are also very professional and it was all good in the locker room afterwards. I think they are going to speak and come to an agreement. They can take penalty kicks one at a time.”

Despite some worries Emeri seems confident that the issue will soon be resolved, “Penalties will be taken by a couple of players. One is Edinson and the other is Neymar. There needs to be a gentleman’s agreement on the pitch when it comes to taking spot-kicks.”