Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently claimed that he is in the best form of his life and that he is only just warming up. While there is no doubt that he is an excellent striker, at 34 years old most players would be considering winding down their careers.

To be fair to Ibrahimovic the statistics do seem to back him up. So far this season he has scored 27 goals in 25 appearances in the Ligue 1 as well as 4 goals in the Champions League and 4 goals in other competitions making a total of 35 goals in just 40 appearances.

So far his only season which was better was in 2013/14 where he scored 41 goals in 46 appearances but there is still time for him to equal this over the remainder of the season.

With Ibrahimovic so confident about his form it is no surprise that when he talks about his future it is apparent that he is determined to remain in top level football. This week it emerged that he may be willing to transfer to Manchester United at the end of the season but only if Louis van Gaal is to leave the club in the summer.

Ibrahimovic’s contract at PSG ends this season and he is busy considering all of his options. It is known that a number of English clubs have expressed some interest in him but not many details are known other than the fact that West Ham’s co-owner David Sullivan said that he would “love to sign” Ibrahimovic.

In his 2011 autobiography, I am Zlatan, Ibrahimovic made references to the strained relationship between himself and Van Gaal when he played at Ajax which would seem to be the root of his reluctance to return to playing under the manager.