The Premier League voted last week to end the summer transfer window before the first game of next season.

Next summer the window will close on Thursday August 9, two days before the first match of the new season, but the rule only applies to buying players. This means that Premier League clubs will still be able to sell players to other leagues whose transfer windows remain open later into August and September.

The change in rules doesn’t affect the English Football League so clubs may also sell to lower division sides unless the EFL chooses to change its window to match the Premier League’s. There won’t be any changes to the January transfer window.

It is though that it was not a unanimous decision. Rather, it was reached by a two-thirds majority of 14 clubs with five clubs voting against and one abstaining.

Richard Scudamore, the Premier League executive chairman, spoke to Sky Sports News and said, “There was a big concern that the Premier League has been playing two or three match rounds with a degree of uncertainty between themselves. It wasn’t unanimous but nobody was pathologically angry about the situation. But there were some concerns by some clubs that, although they wouldn’t be able to buy any more players, their players could still be picked off by those who haven’t closed their windows. It just meant they couldn’t support it.”

He said that there was a managers’ meeting before the start of the season and that almost all of the managers were supportive of the idea of the transfer window closing earlier. He said that they thought it was wrong that players could face each other in the first game of the season and then a few weeks later be playing for different clubs.