Earlier this week Real Madrid launched a passionate defence of Cristiano Ronaldo after recent allegations of tax evasion.

The Portuguese player, who has won World Player of the Year three times, has been accused of hiding millions of Euros earned from image rights in various tax havens.

After the allegations came to light his club released a statement which read: “In light of the information published in recent days and the certificate released by the Spanish tax agency which shows our player Cristiano Ronaldo is up to date with all his tax obligations, Real Madrid demand the maximum respect for a player like Cristiano Ronaldo.”

The statement went on to say that throughout Ronaldo’s time with the club his behaviour has been “exemplary”.

The allegations were published in Spanish newspaper El Confidencial and it quoted documentation from the Football Leaks website which alleged that the former Manchester United player has been benefiting from keeping various assets in a tax haven.

The Football Leaks website alleges that Ronaldo has been using the Irish based Multisports & Image Management Limited company to bring down his tax burden below what it would have been in Spain. It is claimed that he has avoided paying tax on €150 million of earnings which were accrued for image rights between 2009 and 2020.

Ronaldo isn’t the only one to be accused of tax evasion, Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has also been hit by similar allegations.

Jorge Mendes, who is Ronaldo’s and Mourinho’s agent, runs a company called Gestifute which has defended the player and manager and earlier this month they released a statement which said that both of them “are fully compliant with their tax obligations with the Spanish and British tax authorities.”