AC Milan fans have been criticising agent Mino Raiola and accusing him of holding the club to ransom over the future of goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Donnarumma’s contract is due to be renewed next year and the club is busy trying to convince the 18-year-old to sign a new deal. However, Raiola is delaying the start of negotiations saying that he is working in Donnarumma’s best interest.

However, members of the team’s fan base have accused him of trying to “insert clauses which work in his own favour” in any new deal.

They published a statement this week that read, “We are writing these words, unfortunately, because we feel that the situation which has arisen is crazy. We are talking about a phenomenal player, but one who is still very young and is in the hands of a conscienceless agent. It’s incredible that one person can keep in check a club like Milan and also an 18-year-old who goes from kissing his shirt each Sunday to being the subject of discussion. The player’s own wishes should be taken into consideration, and also the club’s wishes.”

The statement went on to reiterate the claim that Raiola is attempting to insert clauses that will benefit him and said he did the same with Juventus and Paul Pogba.

Donnarumma is currently on youth terms at Milan and it is thought he is earning around €160,000 a year. A new deal should see him earn at least €5 million a year and many other clubs could offer him a better deal.

The statement has urged the club to free itself from the agent and “afresh with virtues, without being held to ransom by anybody.”

It also called on Donnarumma “to show once again his character and love for Milan, but to do so with some real actions.”