Jupp Heynckes, the former Bayern Munich coach, has said that he believes football has “gone off the rails” following the latest transfer window.

Haynckes retired in 2013 after taking Bayern Munich to a Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and Champions League treble and he said that he is glad he has nothing more to do with a game which has become more about business.

In a recent interview with Die Welt newspaper he said that the game has “lost its spirit” and become a business. Furthermore, he thinks that people expect results too soon, “It’s all about being quick, quick, quick – nobody has any patience nowadays.”

He believes that this is symptomatic of the world at large saying “that is how things are in normal life, away from football. If, for any reason at all, there is no return, then there is an immediate reaction. It’s shocking.”

As an example he cited Bastian Schweinsteiger’s career at Manchester United. The former German captain, who played his final game with the national team last week, appears to have no future with United just one year after signing with them after he was left out of the club’s Europa League team list for the upcoming competition.

Schweinsteiger joined United on the recommendation of Louis van Gaal with huge expectations. However, he had a poor first season with injury problems and seems to have fallen out of favour with the club.

Last week Heynckes made a rare appearance at a football game to see Schweinsteiger’s final match in a German shirt and he said it was evident how much the crowd respected the player, “Whenever Bastian played for the national team, he always gave everything. That explains all the affection and huge respect. Not every footballer succeeds in earning such a reputation.”