According to Yoan Cardinale, Mario Balotelli has said that he will remain at Nice this summer if the club will meet his financial demands.

Balotelli signed a one-year contract with Nice last summer and moved from Liverpool but he has thrived at the club and scored 11 goals in 18 games to help Nice mount a shock title challenge.
The team have moved sixteen points ahead of fourth placed Lyon with just seven games left this season and now Lucien Favre’s men look set to qualify for the third round of next season’s Champions League at a minimum.

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Cardinale, who has become a good friend of Balotelli, said that he wants to stay on at the club but only if the money is right.

The Nice goalkeeper said, “He tells me he would like to stay, that at Nice there are all the conditions for him to stay. He’s very happy here. He sees there is a great project being put in place. So why not?”

“He knows it will be very difficult because in terms of salary, a player like Balotelli costs a lot. But if the club is able to meet his demands, he’ll stay happily.”

It seems that Favre has found the way to get the best out of the striker. Recently Favre said that he is not a “difficult” player to handle if he is shown respect and Cardinale said that his teammates are full of admiration.

“We are all trying to get it into his head that he should stay next season when he’s as committed as he has been in the last few games. People are talking about Bordeaux, but he’s been good for a few matches now. Unfortunately, he just didn’t score. Against Bordeaux, he was very good. We even saw him defend which is something that’s quite rare for him. When he’s like that, it’s good for us and for him. Everyone is happy.”