While it seemed that Antonio Cassano had retired twice in the past week, he now insists that he is going to play again.

Cassano, now 35 years old and a former Italy forward, left the newly-promoted Serie A club Verona last week after he said that he wished to retire from football for family reasons. Verona allowed Cassano to rescind on his contract despite the fact that he had only been with the club for three weeks.

However, it now seems as if the player has changed his mind once again. Talking to La Stampa this week he said that Verna “did not spark any spark in me”. He said that he realised it immediately and likened the situation to being with a woman and then “realising she doesn’t want to spend time with you.”

In the interview he said, “It was a question of feeling, of atmosphere. I told president (Maurizio) Setti, director of sport (Filippo) Fusco and the boss, (Fabio) Pecchia, as much. I thought it was best to leave and not drag things out.”

Furthermore, he went on to insist that he never said that he was planning to retire. When he was asked about speculation regarding interest from Serie B team Virtus Entella he said, “When I spoke to Verona I never said, ‘I am retiring’. I challenge anyone to prove the opposite is true. I offered to pay the compensation myself if I find another team.”

He went on to say that he insists that he wants to play more and that he has some ideas but no offers. He also said that he likes the idea of joining Entella and the challenge of helping them to achieve promotion to Serie A.

Cassano concluded by saying that he doesn’t have an agent but he is open to offers. If he doesn’t receive one before the deadline in September then he’ll “just stay at home”.