Geraint Thomas, the Team Sky cyclist, has said that he thinks it is time for the sport’s governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), to scrap Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs).
Thomas was talking ahead of the Giro d’Italia in Sardinia where he is hoping to become the first British winner of the year’s first Grand Tour.

Since leaked documents showed that Sir Bradley Wiggins, Thomas’ former teammate, received TUEs to use a banned corticosteroid for his asthma on three occasions the team has been mired in controversy.

Wiggins won the Tour de France in 2012 and has now retired from racing. Nonetheless, Team Sky has been strongly criticised over the affair, in particular in regards to their poor record keeping.

Speaking to Sky News Thomas said, “I would be happy for that [to ban TUEs]. It’s such a grey area. Everyone is debating whether Brad needed it or not. Get rid of it and you don’t have that issue. The main issue is the system and the rules around it. It’s not clear cut.”

Thomas said that he has never used a TUE and that he is tired of having reporters ask him about Wiggins.

“I can speak for myself and I do everything the right way,” he added. “That’s down to the mentality I have been brought up with. I just know that until the end of time, whatever results I got, they will always stand.”

He went on to say that it would be good if Wiggins and Richard Freeman (the doctor involved) would answer the questions rather than reports asking him.

This year’s Giro d’Italia covers a tough 2,220-mile route around Italy, it began last Friday with the first of three Sardinian stages and will finish in Milan on May 28.