Shane Sutton, the former British Cycling boss, will not be joining his home federation in Australia. He resigned from his job as technical director in April in the wake of claims of sexism and bullying.

Nick Green, the Cycling Australia chief executive officer, dismissed reports that Sutton may join his brother and women’s track endurance coach, Gary Sutton, in the future. He said “Australia only has room for one Sutton! The 2016 Australian Olympic Team will boast a number of siblings. An unusual statistic. While cycling has the potential of naming siblings, I don’t think the Suttons will be one of them.”

Since his exit from British Cycling Sutton has not made a public statement. However, it has shown that there are strongly divided opinions for and against him and his ability to motivate riders.


Track cyclist Jess Varnish was the first to make claims against him about a month after she was dropped from the British Cycling Olympic programme. She said that he advised her to “move on and get on with having a baby” after she questioned the decision. This soon led to a public discussion on the culture at the federation.

After his departure Any Harrison was appointed interim head of British Cycling with just 100 days remaining before the Rio Olympic Games.

An independent review in the issue is taking place in conjunction with UK Sport but the results aren’t due to be published until after the Olympics and Paralympics.

Despite his departure so close to the Olympics Laura Trott has said that his exit will not affect Britain’s chances of winning cycling medals. She said that as it happened so close to the Games everything was already arranged and in place and there isn’t much left to do.