Nasser Hussain has called Virat Kohli “incredibly special” after the Indian captain’s century helped the team to defeat England in the first ODI.

England set India 351 to win and initially India stuttered to 63-4 before a 200 run partnership between Kohli and Kedar Jadhav changed things around.

While Ben Stokes did manage to dismiss Kohli before the end of the match, his score set up the win for India and has been widely praised across the cricketing world.

Speaking to Sky Sports Hussain said, “I think every cricketer watching him bat at the moment thinks we’ve got something special on our hands here. He was incredible today. The shot he played off Chris Woakes’ slower ball bouncer, where he punched off the back foot, was one of the greatest cricket shots I’ve ever seen.”

A few days before the game Kohli spoke to Hussain and Hussain said that he thinks his attitude has helped to set him apart and even drawn comparisons with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hussain said that while most players will make targets and be satisfied if they reach them he got the impression that Kohli is trying to push the boundary and raise the bar in everything that he does. He said that Kohli is supremely talented but is “constantly trying to tell himself and push himself to be better and better” which Hussain believes is a dangerous combination.

This is where Hussain believes that the comparison with Ronaldo is appropriate. While Messi has a huge amount of natural ability Hussain believes that Ronaldo has pushed himself on and off the pitch to become the player he is and that Kohli has done exactly the same with cricket.