Nasser Hussain has said that he thinks the heated exchange that followed Jos Buttler’s dismissal in the second ODI against Bangladesh will fire the team up for Wednesday’s series decider.

Bangladesh won by 24 runs to level the series. Having been given out on lbw on review Buttler was leaving the field before he turned back, apparently angered by a comment from one of Bangladesh’s players during their celebrations.

The umpires stepped in and Buttler was visibly angry as he walked off the field. However, it seems that wasn’t the end of the incident as Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow were involved in another exchange with some of the home players as the teams shook hands at the end of the match.

Speaking after the match Nasser Hussain said that he saw “it as a captain who is trying to win the game for his team, who has been quite brilliant out here and, in the heat of battle, these things happen.”

The former England captain said that the incident shows the character of the England team and their determination to win. He said that while Buttler probably pushed the limits, as did Ben Stokes, it shows that the side are passionate about winning.

However, Hussain thinks that there will be some repercussions with match referee Javagal Srinath likely to review the incident. While the referee doesn’t have to get involved it is likely he will as according to the laws of the game the “captain is in charge of the spirit of the game.”

It is not certain that there will be any punishments but the team would certainly feel it if they were to lose Buttler or Stokes. On the other hand, the incident could provide the team with extra motivation heading into the decider.