James Anderson has said that Joe Root has very quickly made his mark in his first Test as England captain.

In addition to showing his skill with the bat on day one of the Test against South Africa, Anderson said that Root has shown his ability to lead in the field.

Speaking to Sky Sports Anderson said, “He’s doing well. We’ve enjoyed him. He’s been a bit ill this week and is a bit under the weather with a cold, so he has been feeling sorry for himself. I thought he was brilliant on the field. He kept cool and he kept calm, even where there were partnerships. Yesterday was a particularly hot day and he could’ve easily got bowlers on long spells, but he chopped and changed and got the best of the bowlers.”

Special day!

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Root has previously said that he is a bit of a novice when it comes to captaincy, but he has not become over-reliant on the more experienced players and is determined to do the job in his own way.

Anderson says that while Root is happy to ask for some advice when he needs it, in generally he is “trying to put his own stamp on it”.

He said that Root comes up with ideas and then tries to bounce them around in order to keep everyone happy.

“As a bowling group we have an idea going into a game where we want to bowl at certain batsman and as the game moves forward you try and tinker with those plans … If he has a strong opinion and doesn’t want us to bowl a certain way or to a certain field, he will tell us. We try and bounce ideas until you get to the point where the captain and the bowler are happy.”