James Anderson has said that England will be too focused on beating Australia in the winter to miss Ben Stokes.

The England team are heading to Australia in three weeks and the involvement of Stokes and Alex Hales is still uncertain. Police are continuing to investigate what happened in Bristol in the early hours of September 25th when Stokes was arrested on a night out.

The ECB is yet to make a decision regarding Stokes’ availability for the Ashes due to the on-going investigation and said that he will not be considered for selection until further notice.

Speaking last week Anderson said, “When we won the Ashes in 2010/11, we didn’t win it with 11 players , we won with 13/14/15 players. We got injuries and we lost players. You need other players to step in and stand up and that’s what we will do. The bowlers may not deal with the work load and other bowlers may have to after them and perform.”

He said that the most important thing is to have fifteen or sixteen players at the top of their game available in Australia and able to perform for the team.  Once the team arrives Anderson says that the only focus will be on winning. However, he conceded that “there are always distractions when we tour” in Australia.

Nonetheless, Anderson remained positive saying, “It’s just a case of being strong enough and having that tunnel vision to focus on the individual and as a team and what will help the team win the series.”

He said that he will be focusing on his bowling and what he can do to help the team and is sure that all the other players will do the same.