Trevor Bayliss, the England coach has a said that the International Cricket Council (ICC) needs to make sure that it doesn’t come down too firmly on some of the sport’s most charismatic players as a “bit of by-play between a couple of guys on either side” is a good thing for the sport.

Last month England’s all-rounder Ben Stokes was reprimanded by the ICC after a verbal spat with the India skipper Virat Kohli during the third Test in Mohali. He also received a demerit point under the ICC’s new code of conduct system which means that Stokes now has two following a similar incident in Bangladesh in October.

If at any point in the next two years he receives a further two points then he will be banned for one Test or two one-day internationals.

When Bayliss was asked about Stokes’ conduct he said, “I think he’s improving! I think at times ICC are almost looking for things. I agree that things have been out of hand in the past, and we don’t want it to go overboard. But sometimes a little bit of by-play between a couple of guys on either side – who are passionate about their cricket and their team – I think it’s good for the game.”

Stokes has been one of the top players in the current five-match series which has resulted in a string of disappointments for the England team and Bayliss has said that he thinks Stokes is the kind of cricketer that fans love to watch and that it would be wrong to calm him down too much.

“I think having some personalities in the game is fantastic to watch. I think it’s part of the game. But he’s got to learn to deal with it in a different way – or get away with it a bit better!”