There are a huge number of progressive jackpot games for you to play at Winner Casino, enough to make sure that all types of player, regardless of their tastes, will find games to enjoy. However, many of the games are video slots and fans of classic, or more basic games, often forget that they too can play for huge prizes. Here is a look at two classic slots and a simple arcade game giving you the chance to win some huge payouts.

Gold Rally


For hundreds of years people have dreamt of striking gold and becoming rich, and that is exactly what this slot is all about. The game transports you into the world of mining for precious metals and at the same time gives you the chance to win a progressive jackpot that is worth over £801,000 and growing fast.

It is a classic slot in that features 3 reels each with 3 rows. However, the payline structure is slightly more complicated than on the average classic slot and this of course gives you more opportunities to win. There are eight paylines going horizontally, vertically and diagonally along the reels. Thanks to this you will find it much easier to land wins than when playing most classic slots.

All of the symbols on the reels are related to the mining theme and they include horseshoes, dynamite, scales, bags of gold, rail carts, revolvers, lanterns, pickaxes and the game’s ‘GR’ logo. As with many classic slots, there is no wild symbol, but there is a scatter symbol featuring a pair of scales.

If you are playing for this huge progressive jackpot then you want to keep an eye out for this scales scatter symbol. To win the jackpot you need to be playing with all eight of the paylines active and then land nine scatter symbols on the reels in one spin. In other words, you need to fill every available position with scatter symbols in order to win the jackpot.

As you will know by now, this game offers a bit more than the most traditional of classic slots and it also includes a small bonus game. If you land the dynamite symbol in all four corners of the reels simultaneously it triggers the Dynamite Bonus. All you need to do is blow up the sticks of dynamite and you will win cash prizes.

Gold Rally has a massive betting range of £2 up to £18 per spin so everyone can afford to play for this huge jackpot. In addition to the jackpot there is a fixed top payout 5000x for landing nine scatters when you don’t have all the paylines activated. The GR logo can payout up to 500x, the horseshoe can payout up to 200x, the pickaxe can payout up to 100x, the lantern can payout up to 75x, the gun can payout up to 50x, the cart can payout up to 40x, the bags of gold can payout up to 30x, the scales can payout up to 20x and the dynamite can payout up to 10x.

If you like the idea of hitting gold then give Gold Rally slot a spin today and with a bit of luck you’ll win this huge progressive jackpot.



Imagine being given free reign inside a bank safe to do as you please and take as many riches as you can. While the exciting slot SafeCracker doesn’t quite give you this freedom, it is offering you the chance to enjoy a quality classic slot and be in with the chance of winning a progressive jackpot that is worth over £56,000 and growing fast.

SafeCracker is a great game for true slot purists; it features three reels and just a single payline. The reels form part of a huge metal vault door complete with some complicated wiring and flashing lights. All of the symbols on the reels are related to the theme and include banknotes, gold keys, a lock, a crowbar, a drill and some explosives.

The golden key symbol acts as a bonus symbol and if you can land three of them simultaneously on the reels then a small bonus feature begins. You are taken to a second screen where you are shown ten safety deposit boxes. Seven of these boxes will contain cash prizes and the other three are alarmed. You need to pick from the boxes to win cash prizes but as soon as you set off an alarm the game will end.

If you are interested in winning the progressive jackpot then you will need to be betting the maximum of three coins per spin. The jackpot is then won if you can land three of the banknote symbols on the reels.

A brilliant feature of this slot is that everyone can play it, even on the smallest of budgets, and still have the chance of winning some vast sums of money. The game has a betting range of £0.25 up to £5 per spin so it really can be enjoyed by all. In addition to the progressive jackpot there is a top payout of 4,000x up for grabs for landing three banknote symbols when playing with two coins bet, with one coin bet it will payout 2,0000x. The explosives can payout up to 300x, the drill can payout up to 225x, the crowbar can payout up to 150x and the lock can payout up to 75x.

This is the perfect game for those that enjoy single row slots but don’t mind the occasional bonus feature and of course, the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot. Give it a spin today and see if the safe doors will open for you.

Jackpot Darts


If you enjoy the simpler style of game but occasionally like to move away from slots then you should take a look at the many arcade games on offer. They can provide you with hours of fun and despite their simplicity, some absolutely huge payouts. At present Jackpot Darts is offering a progressive jackpot worth close to £265,000 and there is no reason why you cannot win it.

Jackpot Darts is of course based around the popular game of darts. However, to win the progressive jackpot will require far less skill than even a simple game of darts at your local pub. The game is focused on a traditional dartboard complete with a blackboard to the left where you can see details of the current round. To the right you can see a menu of different betting options and the button to ‘Throw’. Below the board you can see the details of the last few rounds.

The aim of the game is very straightforward, all you have to do is predict the outcome of one round, or three throws of the darts. However, to make the game more exciting there are a number of betting options available and a range of payouts.

To play for this enormous progressive jackpot then you first need to opt in to the jackpot game by clicking on the ‘Jackpot’ option on the right. The jackpot is then won if all three of the darts land in the outer ring or the bullseye. If just one of the darts land in the correct area you will still win 20x your bet and if two land then you will win a massive 2,000x your bet.

There are a few very simple bets, Singles, a bet on how many darts will land on a single number, Doubles, a bet on how many darts will land on a double position, and Triples, how many darts land on a triple position. You can also bet on the Outer Bull and the Bullseye and these are bets that at least one dart will hit them.

There are also bets that cover a range of possible scores, Lo/Mid/Hi is a bet on a total score of 3-38, 39-31 and 42-180 respectively. The final type of bet is a 1-20 Singles bet, a bet that at least one dart will hit the single area of a certain segment.

On each round of the game you can place up to four bets excluding the jackpot bet. In other words, you can bet on the progressive jackpot and another four outcomes of the round.

This is the perfect game for those looking to sit back and relax whilst still giving themselves the chance of making some huge winnings. The jackpot has been growing for a long time but at some point it has to be won. There is no reason you can’t be the lucky play so why not give this game a try today and with a bit of luck you’ll soon be shouting “Bullseye!”