We have plenty of huge progressive jackpots just waiting to be won at Winner Casino. Take a look at some of them below and see if you can be our next big winner.

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters Slots


If you believe that it is your destiny to win a huge progressive jackpot then Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is certainly the slot for you. It is based upon the Ancient Greek’s idea of fate and it is linked to four progressive jackpots, the largest of which is worth close to £680,000!

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and up to 25 paylines. The reels are set in a gold frame behind which you can see a circular temple. There are five high value symbols, the three fates Lachesis, Clotho and Atropos, as well as a compass device and some kind of spinning top. The lower value symbols are the playing cards 9 through to A.

A gold coin featuring the sisters’ faces is the wild symbol. It will substitute for all of the other symbols, except for the scatter, to help and form winning combinations. The scatter symbol is a view of the night sky through a window.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot then all you have to do is keep the reels spinning. The jackpot game can begin at any time, regardless of what you have bet or the symbols that land, and if it starts, you are guaranteed to win one of the jackpots. In the game you will see twenty gold coins and you need to choose from them one at a time to reveal which of the jackpots they represent. Once you have found three matching coins you will win the corresponding jackpot. From largest to smallest, the jackpots on offer are Ultimate Power, Super Power, Extra Power or Power.

While you are spinning the reels, if Lachesis lands on the first, Clotho lands on the third and Atropos lands on the fifth then you will win a free re-spin with the three sisters frozen in place. For this spin, the sisters will behave as scatter symbols so as long as at least one more of them lands on the reels you will win a scatter payout.

If three scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels then the Fates’ Portal Free Spins begin. Each of the Fate Sisters has her own free spins game and you can choose from the three of them.

If you choose Atropos’ Temple then you win 15 free spins with dynamic multipliers and every time that Atropos lands on reels one, two, four or five the payout multiplier will increase by 1x up to a max of 5x. If she fails to land then the multiplier decreases by 1x to a minimum of 2x. If she lands on the third reel during the spins then you receive three more spins.

If you choose Lachesis’ Temple then you win 10 free spins during which any wilds that land are frozen in place for three spins and if you land Lachesis on the third reel then you win three more spins.

If you choose Clotho’s Temple then you win 8 free spins during which three random wilds are added to the reels on each spin and if you land Clotho on the third reel then you win three more spins.

The slot has a betting range of £0.01 up to £2,500 per spin so it costs very little to play. In addition to the progressive jackpot, there is a top payout of 10,000x available for landing five wilds along a payline. Lachesis can payout up to 500x, Clotho can payout up to 300x and Atropos can payout up to 100x. The other two high value symbols can both payout up to 90x.

Why not meet the Fate Sisters this weekend and see if they will grant you this huge progressive jackpot.

Jackpot Darts


If you are looking to relax with an arcade style game but like the idea of winning a huge sum of money then jackpot darts may be the game for you. It is an simple game based upon the sport and it is offering you the chance to win a progressive jackpot worth close to £270,000!

While the game is based upon the popular sport, you do not need much skill to win the huge jackpot. The game is based around a traditional dartboard, and there is also a scoreboard to the left where you can see details of the current round. To the right of the board is a menu full of different betting options, and a large button labelled ‘Throw’. Below the board is a history view with details of the last few rounds.

The aim of the game is very simple, you just need to predict the outcome of one round of darts. As in the real game, a round consists of three dart throws. However, to make the game interesting there are numerous betting options and the chance of some huge payouts.

To play for the progressive jackpot you will first need to opt into the jackpot game, just click on the ‘Jackpot’ option to the right of the board. You will then win the jackpot if all three of the darts land in the bullseye or the outer ring. If just one of the darts lands in the correct area then you win a generous payout of 200x your bet and if two darts land in the correct are you will win a huge payout of 2,000x your bet.

The game has a range of betting options, some simpler than others. The simplest bets are Singles, Triples and Doubles. These are just bets on how many darts will land on single, double or triple number positions. You can also bet on how many darts will land in the Outer Bull or the Bullseye sections.

There are also a series of bets on score ranges. You can bet on Lo, Mid or Hi, which are bets on total scores of 3 – 38, 39 – 31 and 42 – 180 respectively. You can also bet on 1 – 20 singles, this is a bet that at least one dart will hit the single area of a certain segment.

With each round of darts, it is possible to place up to four bets in addition to the progressive jackpot bet so there are plenty of chances to win.

If you want some simple fun and the chance of winning a huge amount of money, then spend some time playing Jackpot Darts this weekend.

Geisha Story Jackpot


Those who enjoy oriental themed slots, or who would like to travel to Japan and experience the culture first hand, can have a great time playing Geisha Story Jackpot slots. Not only does the slot transport you across the world, but also it gives you the chance to win a progressive jackpot worth over £158,000.

Geisha Story Jackpot is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and up to 15 paylines. The background to the game is pink and decorated with cherry blossom. All of the symbols are related to the theme and include koi fish, an archway, blossom on a tree, a bonsai tree, a fan, a tea set, wooden shoes and a parasol.

The wild symbol is a Japanese warrior; he will substitute for all of the other symbols, except for the scatter or bonus symbols, to help and form winning combinations. The scatter symbol features an old man and the bonus symbol features the Geisha.

To win the jackpot you need to trigger the Dragon Jackpot game. Luckily, it can begin at any moment regardless of what lands on the reels and once it starts you are guaranteed to win one of four jackpots. In the game you need to spin a fortune wheel that has a number of different coloured segments. Each of the colours represents one of the jackpots and you win a jackpot by landing on its corresponding colour three times. The most valuable jackpot is gold followed by red, blue and green.

The bonus game begins if you land the Geisha on reels one and five simultaneously. First, you need to pick from six ornamental fans to discover if you have won 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 or 20 free spins. Then you pick again to reveal a payout multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x or 10x. Best of all, landing more bonus symbols during the free spins awards you more free spins.

Geisha Story Jackpot has a betting range of £0.01 up to £150 per spin. There is a huge top fixed payout of 10,000x available for landing five wild symbols along a payline. The koi fish can payout up to 750x, the archway can payout up to 500x, the blossom can payout up to 400x, the tree can payout up to 300x, the fan can payout up to 250x, the shoes can payout up to 200x, the tea set can payout up to 150x and the parasol can payout up to 100x.

If you have always wanted to travel to Japan then take the opportunity this weekend and with a bit of luck you will hit the progressive jackpot.